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Need of Alternative for match boxes paper


1. Remove the leaf from stem. From palm trees every year palm leaf is cut. The stem (Leaf) are separated from the leaf for making match box. Should be broad and long. From one leaf of the tree approximately 100 match boxes can be made the cost of one leaf is between 50 paisa and one rupee in villages. The central portion of the palm leaf only are wide and hence they only be used. For making the outer of the matchbox. First we have to cut the wider portion of the palm leafs, and then the central stick (EEKKU) is removed by means of knife or a needle. Let us see how form these palm leaf match box can be made. The match box consists of the outer and inner boxes. ( II ) MAKING OUTER BOX :- For making the outer box a tin die has to be made with the length and breadth of outer box. This can be called palm leaf & match box outer sizing die. This die can be kept over the broad leaf and using a scissor the leaf can be cut to the length and breadth of the die. Also for making folds in the outer box suitable die has to be made. By using the above two dies, scissors and a needle for making the folds the outer of the match box can be made. In single leaflet 3 outer of match box be made like this leaf for making 100 outer should be prepared and bundled. The leaf after cutting for the outer can be used for making the inner box. In he leaves for the outer the die for making the folds can be kept and using a painted needle fold marks can be made. There is a small hole in the die for making folds. In this hole the needle can be kept and fold marks made. Then the outer leaf with fold marks can be suitable folded and paper can be pasted. Now the outer is ready. The leaf can be sized using ordinary and filler type leaf sizing machines also as shown in figure V &VI over this sized leaf the outer sizing die can be kept and sized. III) MAKING INNER OF THE MATCH BOX:- Now let us see the method for making the inner of the match box shown in fig III Inner sizing die has to be made to the length and breadth of the inner box. Then the die for making folds also has to be made another die has to be made for making the central portion of the inner box. The leaves after making the outer can be used for making the inner. This can be sized either by manually or by using ordinary of roller type sizing machines. These sized leafs can be cut of size using the inner sizing die and can be bundled. Then the inner folding die can be kept and cut to the required length and breadth. Now by using the folding die and deepings a needle in the hole of the folding die the fold marks can be made. Then the central portion of the inner has to be cut using suitable dies. The inner can be folded to the required shape and then the blue. Paper can be pasted procedure has been shown in figure IV the control portion of the inner can also be kept and pasted with paper. Now the inner of the match box is ready. Thus after making the inner and outer of the match box, the match stick can be made using the EEKKU and mattai, these match stick do not sustain fire as other wooden sticks. Hence paraffin wax has to coat for better burning characteristics. Also the sticks from Mattai and EEKKU can be pressed in the roller tube leaf sizing machines which improve the burning characteristics. THE COST DETAILS:- Leaves for making 100 matches box Rs. 1.00 Paper for making 100 match box Rs. 1.00 Paste for making 100 match box Rs. 0.50 Match stick is for making 100 match box Rs. 0.50 Salary for 1 lady for making 100 box Rs. 8.00 ------------------ Rs. 11.00 ------------------- One lady can make 100 match boxes in 1 hour in 5 hrs. One lady can make 500 match boxes and can earn Rs.40/- For making match boxes, forest is destroyed, trees are cut and using big machines match boxes and match sticks are manufactured. Destroying forests reduces the rain. Moreover by making match boxes using large machines maximum benefit goes to industrialists. Employment potential also is reduced. If we make palm leaf for making match boxes forests need not be destroyed. Employment is also high. REMOVING DIFFICULTIES BY INTRODUCING NEW TECHNIQUES: From ancient times people made mats and containers (boxes) using palm leaf by conventional methods. Now there is a danger of these handicraft industries being destroyed. Palm trees also will be cut and destroyed. One reason for these industries to be destroyed is lack of proper technology.

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