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Supllementation of Oxygen to Prans


Usually prawn ponds are 0.6 ha size .Already there is a oxygen feeding machine exists which costs Rs.15,000./ This machine is pedal type kept on surface level of water and operated by a oil engine. This pedal type machine stirs or churns water and push oxygen to other side of the pond. But it has to be shifted for 4 course of time in the pond or a single engine to be moved to the other courses after every 5 hours of running or 4 engines are needed at four courses. Also it has low capacity.Diffused oxygen in water is low.The animals are very much disturbed in this type. Innovative Oxygen Feeding Machine or Aerator or Super Charger One Mr. Ravikumar is running a prawn farm at Melavanjure. He told to Mr.Babu that the difficulties he encountered with the existing oxygen delivery mechanism and the high cost made him look for an alternative. Babu by understanding difficulties he designed an innovative system of oxygen feeding which reduces the cost and labourers. By seeing the new aerator model more than 50 prawn farmers copied this type and designed for their own ponds.For 3 ponds of each 0.6 ha area Mr.Ravikumar is having 2 compressor motor operated by 5 hp motor for the purpose of aeration. This mechanism is kept near the pond at middle of one side of the pond. This machine consisting of oil engine (5hp) and compressor, which is connected with PVC pipe assembly. The main pipelet is in 2_x001D_ diameter extending small pipelets with 16 millimeter dia which are connected at every 3 m interval from main pipe on both sides. There are holes in the break pipes( pipelets connected to the main pipe) is kept in the bottom layer of pond (inside the water level). This new machine costs about Rs.10,000/. Dissolved oxygen level is higher ;oxygen is uniformly diffused through out the pond. In this system the animal is not disturbed

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Babu G.
Address: Melavanjur Nagoor Nagappattinam Tamil Nadu
City: Nagappattinam
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 611002

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Big Problem in prawn industry
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1054

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