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Herbal alternative for Human Ailments


Eye Cataract Bitter gourd (Mimordica char antia) fresh leaves a handful is taken cleaned and washed with water. The juice, extracted by washed by cleaned hand and collected in a clean vessel. The clean juice prepared hygienically is applied as eye drop at the rate of two drops per time for 1 or 2 days only. Nutritional food is recommended which is rich in vitamins A and D. Frequent washing of affected eye in cold water is to be avoided. Anemia in child Affected child will pale in colour and suffer due to loss of body weight. Thaluthaalai (Clerodendrum phlomides) herbal leaf a handful is taken, made into a paste by grinding and given orally twice a day for a week. This herbal treatment is also coupled with good nutritious food for good and quick remedy from critical condition. For Jaundice Keela nelli (Phyllanthus niruri) whole plant with roots 5 numbers and cumin seed (Cuminum cyminum) 50 g. The whole plant along with roots are cleaned and washed in good water cut into small pieces. Within this the cumin seed is also mixed. Through grinding is done in a wet grinder. Add 100 ml of water boil it to make finally to 25 ml decoction is sufficient for single administration orally once in a day for 3 days. Hot milk (removed from all of its fat content) (or) hot water can be given for drinking. Human Sterility Karum sooranam is a herbal plant identified to give remedy to for sterility in females. Fresh leaves collected from these herbal plants grown near termite hill and neem tree are preferred. The leaves by grinding with addition of little water in a wet grinder are made into small balls. The balls are given orally to the woman patient from the first day of her menstrual cycle begins once a day for three days. Vomiting in child Nai pavai leaf - a handful is taken, cleaned washed in good water. Then boiled with water to prepare leaf decoction of 50 ml each time. This is given orally once in daily at the rate of 1 tea spoonful for children aged 1 to 3 years and at 50 ml for children above 4 years. Rheumatism Two succulant leaves of Vadha katralai are taken, cleaned and washed with water. The the leaves are cooked by boiling in water without salt addition. This is given for consumption daily twice for seven days continously. The patient during treatment and afterwards should avoid eating potato, plantatin and radish. White Discharge in Females Nandhia vattai (Balerina wallichii) flowers 2 nos are taken, cleaned and after washing grind them into a paste. Mix with milk and given orally for drinking daily once in the morning for 3 days continuously. By then the ailment will be cured fairly well. Prolonged wounds For curing prolonged wounds in human, chillies are to be boiled in sesame oil and the oil is applied in the wounded portion. Foot and Mouth Disease For giving treatment to kaanai noi (foot and mouth disease) in cattle , the bark of neem, the tender leaves of neem, turmeric, chillies, salt, pirandai (Cissus quadrangualris) and tubers of perumarundhu (Aristolochia indica) are to be grinded well and fed orally. Sputum Deposition For curing sputum deposition in cattle, perunthumbai (Leucas marthinicensis) branch with leaves has to be shown to the fire directly and steaming should e done Cough, Fever and Sputum For curing cough, fever and sputum deposition in human, the fresh leaves of eucalyptus are to be boiled in water required for taking bath. The patient should take bath with this water daily. Cut wounds For curing cut wounds (Kaayappun) in human, the fresh leaves of nerinji (Triulus terrestris) are to be grinded well with little quantity of lime powder. This paste can be applied in the wounded area. Deep wounds For curing the deep wounds in human, the leaves of elumbotti , are to be grinded finely and applied in the wounded area and tied with a fine cotton cloth. Dracanclosis For curing silandhi (Dracanclosis) in human, the fresh plant of silandhinayagi, has to be grinded finely and applied in affected portion. Cough For curing cough in human, the leaves of mulmurungai (Erythrina suberosa) can be taken directly with unboiled rice. Psoriasis To cure arippu (Psoriasis) in skin of human Vedikalachan and salt are to be pounded and can be taken directly. For Reducing Body Heat To reduce body heat in human, fresh leaves of maruthondri (Lawsonia inermis) are to be grinded finely and can be taken directly.

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