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Problem Statement:

Development of a portable device based on polarised fluorescence for detection of cervical pre-cancer


This device consists of a laser diode (405 nm) and white light source (Xe-lamp), to measure the polarised fluorescence and the polarised elastic-scattering spectra, respectively. Vertically polarised light falls on the sample and co- and cross-polarised fluorescence and elastic-scattering spectrum are measured by the automated rotation of the analyzer. The signal is subsequently collected through an optical fiber and directed towards a miniature spectrometer. All data are collected at a 180-degree angle (backscattering mode) with respect to incident-polarised light

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Bharat Lal Meena
Address: Kalyanpur, Kanpur
City: Kanpur
State: Uttar Pradesh
PIN Code 208016

Email: bharatmeenaphy@gmail.com
Contact No: 9670859211, 5122597971

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Link: This portable device is cost-effective, fast, accurate, minimally-invasive
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1076

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