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Soya nuggets: A novel drug delivery vehicleSoya nuggets: A novel drug delivery vehicle


The synthesis of polymeric beads, polymeric and drug nanoparticles with beta-cyclodextrins overcomes this challenge but limited by the use of some toxic chemicals during the formulation stage. Further, the hydrogels prepared from sodium alginate and gelatin requires cross-linkers for improved mechanical properties. This work, aimed at minimizing the above drawbacks, brings into the picture the first use of soya nuggets as potential drug delivery vehicles. Soya nuggets’ potential as a highly effective drug carrier is owing to their ability to undergo tremendous swelling due to their high porosity and network structure, proving useful for drug loading and release.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Utkarsh Bhutani
City: Sangareddy, Kandi,
State: Telangana
PIN Code 502285

Email: ch12m14p000002@iith.ac.in
Contact No: 9666327213.0

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Link: Soya nuggets are rich in proteins and are well-accepted food throughout the world. The nuggets require minimum processing, only in terms of swelling degree, drug loading and release, and reduce the production cost.
Problem Scale: Around the world
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1079

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