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Biobased adhesive formulation for construction applications


The adhesive is prepared by in situ polycondensation of hydroxycarboxylic acid/oligomers and its conjugates with polysaccharide/protein by conventional heating reaction method and reaction in the presence of microwaves. This is used as adhesive by applying it on the full or partial surfaces of the substrate of any shape and size, at elevated temperature and subsequently, by compressing these coated surfaces on, with or without coated surfaces, which leads to the integration of substrates having partial and complete interface of conjugate/blend system.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Neelima Tripathi
Address: Surjyamukhi Road, North, Amingaon
City: Guwahat
State: Assam
PIN Code 781039

Email: neelima310@gmail.com
Contact No: 8011196694.000001

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Link: The synthesized green adhesive showed excellent shear strength and matchless adhesive properties with respect to the present bio-based adhesives It has an excellent ability to bind glass and granite substrates
Problem Scale: Around the World
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1095

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