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A Novel Hybrid System for Textile Dye Waste Water Treatment


In this project, Ultrasonic irradiation is used to initiate the emulsion polymerization to form hydrogel through the generation of free radicals as well as the uniform distribution of clay across the hydrogel polymer matrix The developed hybrid system for the treatment of dye wastewater can be easily scaled up to industrial scale for the treatment of bulk volume of textile wastewater. It is due to its simplicity in design, less cost of material construction, low cost of operation and higher cavitation yield compared to ultrasonic cavitation. The developed technology will be efficient for the removal of dye from an aqueous medium within the short duration of operating time compared to most of the conventional treatment techniques such as biological wastewater treatment as well as the single treatment techniques include adsorption, coagulation, etc. This innovative technology mainly involves the unique feature of both the degradation and subsequent absorption of dye organic pollutants from the waste water in a single set of units.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Bhaskar Bethi
Address: National Institute of Technology Campus
City: Fathima Nagar
State: Telangana
PIN Code 506004

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Link: The technology will be efficient for the removal of dye from aqueous medium with in short duration of operating time
Problem Scale: Around the world
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1109

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