About the Practice

It is a Malabar type variety with a dry yield of 4-6kg per plant and is highly suitable to Santhampara area of Idukki district, Kerala. It gives good yield even under rain fed condition and is mostly suited for areas with less shade (<40%). The medium bold and parrot green coloured capsules fetch good market price. In this variety about 60 - 80 productive tillers per clump, 50- 60 racemes per panicle and 15- 20 capsules per racemes can be observed. Due to the higher number of panicles per tiller, the yield level in the first bearing itself is two to four times higher in comparison with other popular and released varieties. The plant has fibrous stem and is resistant to stem borers, root grubs and incidence of decaying. The management efforts as well as the pesticide and fertilizer requirements are also less than other locally popular varieties.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: T.P. Joseph
Address: Kottayam, Idukki, Kerala
City: Idukki
State: Kerala
PIN Code 362245

Practice Details

Link: High yield, good resistance to pests and diseases are the particular features of this variety.
Manufacturing Capacity: d) Licensing

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1118

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