About the Practice
Problem Statement:

Farmers face major problem due to Nilgai. They damage crops due to which farmers undergo a big loss. Farmers try to prevent them by using fences and Zatka machine which costs them around 3-8 thousand, but Nilgais break those fences or jump over the fences. They also have used other prevention methods like spraying cow dung, lion dung, egg solution but these methods were regular and were unable to be effective for long run.Nilgais have been vandalizing crops since along time. A lot of solution has been proposed for wading off nilgais from crop fields but it turns out to be ineffective. PROBLEM STATEMENT Prevention of Crop Vandalism due to Nilgai.


Detection is done using PIR sensor at one point, which detects the change in Infrared waves which are emitted by movement of hot-blooded animals or human. PIRs will sense movement of Nilgai and give signal to the Arduino Nano. This data will be used to trigger the Preventive actions at other point. This data is sent via RF communication. Preventive actions include flashing of lights and Siren (Hooter) after the data is received. The team also thought of adding other preventive actions at the receiver side like sprinkler and scary mask for scarecrows. As one module detects Nilgai two things happens: 1) It sends data to other modules to trigger their prevention system. 2) It triggers its own prevention module mounted on same system.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ankita Parab
Address: Premlila vithaldas polytechnic SNDT women's university
City: Bombay
State: Maharashtra
PIN Code 400049

Email: ankita.parab15@pvp.sndt.ac.in
Contact No: 9619124105, 8898789225

Practice Details

Link: • PIR sensors to detect Nilgai • Arduino Nano used as controller • RF modules used to send data from one point to other
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support, c) Sub-contracting
Problem Scale: Local in India only

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1176

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