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Problem Statement:

The problem of rice steep draining during cooking


Modern rice cooker don't facilitate the draining of starch water, which contains more carbohydrates that cause blood sugar and high BP Innovator has developed a cooking vessel having two compartment for making sambhar as well as rice separately but simultaneously. For cooking rice, in one compartment, innovator provided perforated plate and outflow pipe at the bottom so that one can easily drain starch water once cooking is over. • It has two pressure valves, aluminium filter, a bowl with compartments that separate the sambar and rice. • The tap is provided at the bottom to drain the residual water after boiling of rice. • Takes about 40-45 minutes to cook both rice and sambhar

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: M. Abdul Razak
Address: 149, NabigalNayagam Street, Beebikulam
City: Beebikulam
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 625002

Practice Details

Link:  Rice prepared in this way has lower starch content therefore good for diabetic people  It easily drains the excess water from rice after cooking, thereby making the rice tastier and healthier.  Double chambered product can cook ‘sambhar’ and rice simultaneously  It saves time and cooking gas (LPG)  It is cheap in comparison to other cooking vessels  Handy & portable
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support, c) Sub-contracting, d) Licensing, e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Local in India only

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1181

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