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Mr. A T Thomas, a marginal farmer, had plenty of arrowroot in his field which had to be powdered manually - this task is time-consuming and as it is also strenuous, labour demands high rates to perform this job. These challenges led him to devise a machine that would efficiently perform the grinding of arrowroot. He then developed a machine with a 16-inch wooden roller which also proved to be time-consuming. After continuous trials, he developed a more efficient machine to powder arrowroot. This machine is 1 foot square, 3 feet high and weighs 40 kg. This machine can powder 100 kg. of fresh arrowroot in 25 minutes (100 kg. fresh arrowroot are required to turn out 8 kg. powder). One kilogram of arrowroot powder commands a price of Rs.250. Most people in neighbouring areas use this machine for powdering their arrowroot. Thomas charges Rs.1.50 for powdering one kilogram of arrowroot. Detail The arrowroot is to be cut into small pieces and fed into the machine. The motor is started and the powder can be received in a container. The output so obtained can be re-fed into the machine to obtain arrowroot powder of the required fineness. Method of Use Caution -This machine can powder 100 kg. of fresh arrowroot in 25 minutes. -Helps in reducing arrowroot processing costs. -In terms of output production, it is 50 times more efficient than the manual method.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: A T Thomas
Address: Pitsburg Northern Province (Limpopo)
City: Edayal, Melukavumattom, Kottayam, Kerala
State: Kerala
PIN Code 686652

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Manufacturing Capacity: d) Licensing, e) Franchising, f) Any other:
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1201

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