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Problem Statement:

electricity department workers carrying a ladder on their shoulders. They took it off near an electricity pole and while one worker held on to it, the other climbed it to reach the street lamp. This made him think to possibly use this climber to ascend poles also.


The tree climbing device consists of a pair of supporting frames for each foot; Velcro based straps for anchoring the foot to each frame, a sturdy strap with locking system to fix around the tree and a flexible safety belt that can be wrapped around the body and the tree. The two supporting frames are rectangular units made of thin MS channels with cross ribbing in the center to take the load of the feet. While in the first prototype, the foot was fastened to the frame using a shoelace like arrangement, the current design uses thick durable nylon straps to lock each foot to the individual support frame using Velcro straps. Each of the two support frame is attached to the tree using a long thick belt, which is wrapped around the tree and then locked according the tree’s girth. The user is also provided with a safety belt, which provides shoulder and torso support and anchorage to the tree as the user climbs upward. For climbing, the user first locks each foot into the individual support frames. Then he maneuvers each foot and frame close to the tree and wraps the linking strap as per the tree’s girth. The user can now climb the tree by raising and lowering each foot in sequence. The device uses the body weight of the climber to lock the feet and the supporting frame against the tree. Because of this, the user can take rest at any point during the climb. Also weighing at less than 4 kg, it weighs less than half when compared to the available tree climbers and can be put in a small bag and carried along.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Mushtaq Ahmed Dar
Address: "S/o. Late Gh. Nabi DarKreriDouru
City: Anantnag
State: Jammu and Kashmir
PIN Code 192211

Practice Details

Link:  Easy to use  Economic  User Friendly  Compared to the widespread requirements across the country, skilled tree climbers are few in number for climbing tall trees like coconut. Also for climbing electricity poles no such device exists except for ladders, which require another person to hold it in place. This device, thus, fills this gap and allows a normal unskilled user to climb trees for harvesting or to climb electric poles to do maintenance work.
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support, c) Sub-contracting, e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Wide in india

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1206

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