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The exiting traditional method s of agriculture due to maintains cost of bullock is high due to unavailability of green fodder. The t innovation is fuel efficient and multiform operations and it can also conserve the soil. Source: http://nif.org.in/innovation/Bullet_-Driven_Santi/87


The traditional bullock cart to plough the fields become expensing as their maintains cost is quite higher. Increase in the cost of fodder for bullock, regular occurrence of drought and shortage of farm labor forced the farmers of Saurashtra area of Gujarat to look for an alternative to Bullock. Inspired by a local mode of transport, the three-wheel taxi chakdo (common transport in the Saurashtra region, innovator has developed an innovative multipurpose farming machine which can do all the operations which can be carried out by a pair of bullock. Using the self fabricated chassis, drive and power of an Enfield Bullet motorcycle in front the innovator has retrofitted an attachment with two wheels at the rear with a tool bar to fit various farm implements. The rear wheel of the motorcycle has been removed and an innovative assembly unit has been attached. It can also be designed and attached to locally available Chhakdo rickshaw or assembled vehicle having minimum 6.5 HP engine. The various need s of meets various needs such as ploughing, weeding and sowing seeds and spraying. It can improve productivity and reduce operating costs for farmers, who currently use bullock-driven plough and cannot afford the tractors or power tillers.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ambabhai Jagani
Address: Jay Kodiyar Weilding Works, Village: Mota Devaliya, Taluka: Babra
City: Amreli
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 365410

Practice Details

Link: Bullet driven santi is smaller than the tillers and tractors, but stronger than draft animals. It is fuel efficient, sturdy, easy to handle and operate. Easy to assemble and dismantle. (can be also used as a regular motorcycle) it is multi farm operation, farming, inter- culturing and sowing operation. Because of light weight, it prevents soil compaction, can be used for orchards and plantations crops. Source : http://nif.org.in/innovation/Bullet_-Driven_Santi/87
Manufacturing Capacity: a) Turnkey solution, b) Design Support, c) Sub-contracting, d) Licensing, e) Franchising, f) Any other:
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Problem Scale: 1) India 2) Around the world

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1208

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