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The innovativeness lies in using ‘reverse pedaling” selectively in tough terrain to change power shaft direction and drive the vehicle forward with lesser user effort. This has been achieved by using the epicyclical gear train arrangement realized in a simple but effective manner.


It is a modified gear system for rickshaws/bicycles to reduce effort in pulling the load.When one pedals in anti-clockwise direction the rickshaw/bicycle runs like an ordinary rickshaw/bicycle, and when pedaling is done in the reverse direction the modified gear system comes into effect by reducing the effort but moving the vehicle forward only. Effectively it also acts as brake during reverse pedaling by restricting rearward movement of rickshaw over slopes. However, if one wants to enjoy freewheel action during reverse pedaling, like ordinary bicycle/rickshaw, he needs to disengage gear by pulling the clutch wire. This unit is an assembly that replaces the conventional front sprocket of rickshaw. It consists of a main shaft, a front sprocket drive, a reversible gear assembly, a planet gear assembly, a clutch subassembly housed enclosed inside a single covering. The annular ring of the planetary gear system has 44 teeth, with a pitch of 1.4 cm. There is a 6 cm diameter cavity in the central hub with two free wheels attached to the shaft. There is a small gear with 24 teeth attached to the free wheel. When the rickshaw is pedaled in forward direction, only one freewheel gets activated and this works just as in conventional rickshaws.When encountering potholed or inclined surfaces, the user commences with reverse pedaling. This activates the other inner free wheel. This in turn drives the smaller gear with 24 teeth in reverse direction, which meshes with a pinion on the clutch plate with identical teeth and it rotates in opposite direction. Being attached to the inner teeth of sprocket – the motion is passed on to the cycle wheel, which rotates in the forward direction. This action of the pinion also facilitates locking and prevents backward movement of the wheels on inclined surfaces.http://nif.org.in/innovation/novel_gear_-mechanism/39

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Nishant Ray
Address: C/o. Prakash Chandra Yadav, BrajendraNiwas, Ward No. 12, Thana Road, Khagariya-
City: Khagariya
State: Bihar
PIN Code 851204

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1212

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