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The paddy areas under cultivation are decreasing day by day due to low production of per capita area in the field. Farmers are required new and better variety for increasing their productivity and ultimately the this variety can increase the productivity and economic condition of farmer may improved


The traditional paddy variety, their productivity is low in the region and per unit is area is low. The (Oryza sativa L), variety can canmatures in 100 days and is disease- resistant. .The plants are taller and the leaves of this plant are longer. This fine variety has a much synchronized ear emergence and maturity of grains. As the production is higher than farmer can produced

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: C. Rajendran
Address: Back Side Of Krishna Theatre Thathampatti, P. O. Vadipatti,
City: Back Side Of Krishna Theatre Thathampatti, P. O. Vadipatti,
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 625218

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Link: Production and rice recovery is high – 66-67 per cent. It yields up to 50 bags of paddy (one bag usually weighs 68 kg.).Seeds may be available on for larger section of the society for better production. It is disease resistant and can gain Sourc: http://nif.org.in/innovation/metal_protected_acid_scale_remover_radiator_cleaner/98
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1214

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