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The new variety of budded nutmeg is a boon for the farmers, especially when the prices of many agricultural and cash crops have come down moreover, nutmeg is a perennial crop and low investment is required for cultivation Source: http://nif.org.in/innovatio_-new_nutmeg_variety/109


It was observed that budding in Nutmeg tree for high yield. It is usually it takes 100-120 nutmegs and 800 to 1000 nutmeg mace to weigh 1 Kg. As against this, it takes only 80- 100 nutmegs and 300-350 mace of the budded variety to weigh 1 Kg A 15 year old tree yields 3500 to5000 nutmegs in a year. The Scion of nutmeg tree is budded to the stock of a forest variety.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Tom C Antony
Address: Cheripurathu, P. O.: Chengalam,
City: Kottayam -
State: Kerala
PIN Code 686585

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Link: It has been observed that within 4 years yield can be started. In the ordinary nutmeg, the sex can be determined only after flowering which takes 6-8 years. This problem does not arise in the budded variety. Source: http://nif.org.in/innovatio_-new_nutmeg_variety/109
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1239

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