About the Practice
Problem Statement:

It is solving the pressing problem of availability of desi seeds for the growth of organic farming.


For many decades farmers have been sowing genetically modified (GM) seeds as these seeds are much cheaper than the traditional 'desi' seeds available. GM seeds have a short term advantage of being less expensive to the farmer who is facing many hardships such as droughts and blackmarket selling. In the long term, GM seeds ruin the quality of soil which coerces the farmer to resort to using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Not only does this reduce the quality of the crop harvested but also makes the crop harmful for consumption leading to many bodily diseases caused by the chemicals. On the demand side, big and small companies alike have created awareness for the need for consuming organic food, putting pressure on farmers to turn towards purchasing more traditional or desi seeds, but on the supply side, the lack of availability of of such seeds due to years of GM seed sowing has lead to a huge gap in demand-supply. GM seeds are a short term solution for cheap farming but farming industry is turning towards organic farming which requires natural traditional seeds which are difficult to procure and are almost extinct due to lack of cultivation. Since the past five years, Bharatbhai has been moving from village to village to find, procure and preserve these natural traditional seeds and distribute them among farmers to help increase the supply of natural seeds.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Bharatbhai Bhimabhai Nasit
Address: Titodi Village, Keshod Taluka, Junagarh
City: Junagarh
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 362220

Practice Details

Link: Traditional desi seeds of pulses, vegetables, and Fruits. Preservation and distribution of desi seeds to help organic farming in the country.
Manufacturing Capacity: c) Sub-contracting, e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Use of Chemicals and GM seeds are the prevailing problem all across the world.

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1243

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