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Traditional Cooking Utensils


He tried to look for the reasons and inferred it was because of the material of the griddle (tava). Iron was the material used, which is known to have a less thermal conductivity. Moreover the shape of the griddle was such that it guided the flames to the outer edge. He thought of a material, which will have a better thermal efficiency. And also thought of ways in which he could increase the surface area of contact so that the flames could be harnessed to their maximum efficiency.The change in material and configuration leads to the saving of a significant amount of energy as compared to the flat iron griddle. The thermal efficiency of ribbed aluminium tavas was found to be 1.09 per cent more than the plain aluminum tavas and 7-8 per cent more than the traditional iron tavas as per the report of Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun. This testing was facilitated by GIAN/NIF. They further suggested varying the thickness and size of the tava and the spacing of the concentric ribs at the bottom for design optimization. Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology (UICT) also tested the same and confirmed the advantage.http://nif.org.in/innovation/ribbed_griddle/67

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: :(Late) Ravjibhai Savaliya (Sons VINAY and ROHIT)
Address: Savaliya Research Centre, 137-Last bus stop,, Nr Kamdar Kalyan Kendra, Indulal Yagnik Road, Bapunagar
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 380024

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1249

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