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Problem Statement:

• Loss of cooling due to power cuts. • Spoilage of vegetables, fruits, pulps, etc.


Continuous electricity supply is still not available in large parts of the country. Still the people in these regions require refrigeration for a variety of socially relevant purposes such as cold storage or storing medical supplies. This project has the novelty of using LPG instead of electricity for refrigeration. This solution is convenient for refrigeration in regions without proper electricity. It works on the principle that during the conversion of LPG into gaseous form, expansion of LPG takes place. Due to this expansion there is a pressure drop and increase in volume of LPG that results in the drop of temperature and a cooling effect. This cooling effect can be used for refrigeration purposes. The technology can provide refrigeration for socially relevant needs in areas where continuous electricity supply is absent. It can also replace refrigerators currently using CFCs and HFCs, which are causing global warming.(https://blogtechpedia.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/74/)

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Chintan Patel, Mayank D Patel, Mayank I Patel and Biren Patel , Jainil Bhatt, DhruvinKagdi, Tirth Jani, Kunjal Jadav
Address: Laljibhai Chaturbhai Institute of Technology, LDRP-¬ITR College, GTU
City: Mehsana-384120 Ahmedabad-382015
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 384120

Practice Details

Link: • Cooling can be obtained without having electrical supply. • As LPG is used as a refrigerant, problem of global warming and pollution is reduced. • Provides sufficient backup for the materials that needs to be stored in cold place.
Manufacturing Capacity: a) Turnkey solution
Problem Scale: majorly in Asian and African continent
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1309

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