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Diagnosis of diseases with biochip http://gyti.techpedia.in/files/GYTI-BOOK-color.pdf


Much research has been ongoing to develop diagnostic biochips that can be used to efficiently analyze least amount of sample in a short period of time. The available devices do not have many integrated sensors, and have issues like cross contamination, unstable temperature of the substrate/reagents, non re-usability of the microchips etc. The present invention relates to a lab-on-a-chip (LOC) device and provides an Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor (EIS) based Microfluidic Immunosensor, which measures the changes in surface potential between the electrolyte (desired analyte) and the sensing insulator by a shift in capacitance– voltage (C–V) curves. This shift is a direct representation of sensitivity of the device from which quantification of a particular disease marker (present in the sample) can be obtained. This device provides a reliable detection of different biomarkers, specifically cancer, and for other diseases, including a possibility to use for multianalyte detection of test samples. After successful lab/clinical trials, this miniaturized, integrated EIS Microfludic Immunosensor would enable a substantial cost reduction paving the way for a range of new applications.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ramchander Chepyala, Satyendra Kumar, Narendra Kumar and Bhanu Prakash
Address: TATA Centre for Technology and Design , Indian Institute of Technology
City: Bombay
State: Maharashtra
PIN Code 400076

Email: ramchander_22@yahoo.com
Contact No: 9005850189.0

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Link:  Reported a systematic study to characterize fluid flow of different polar liquids (water, methanol and isopropyl alcohol) in trapezoidal Si microchannels, of about 100 lm hydraulic diameter, functionalized with intermediate molecular layers along with three different antibodies immobilized via these molecular layers. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10404-013-1257-y
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1322

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