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Problem Statement:

The customer is not able to shop a product based on its dimensions, price comparison with other similar products, if the product is recommended by his/her friends, whether bonus points are available if the product is purchased and all these are required before the customer enters the store to make a better purchasing decision.


The ever-dynamic users who have 24x7 access to internet and those who wanted to do shopping anywhere, anytime on the go will be provided with a Virtual Reality application to meet their needs. The application shall provide the user to decide on the items to purchase with a 360-degree view of the product. It will provide customers with all the necessary information such a price, size, bonus points, comparative chart with similar product, recommendations for that product from friends who have done it through social media. All these information is received by the customer in his/her finger tips.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: N.PushpanandhanS.Thiaku
Address: 44, 2nd CROSS, AASIRIYAR NAGAR, KARAIKAL. 609602
State: Pondicherry
PIN Code 609602

Email: npushpanandhan@gmail.com
Contact No: 8428561415.000001

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Link: As the internet provides 24x7 access to applications, consumers’ change shopping habits from being on the store to online. This fast-growing competition from online retailers is putting a serious dent in the traditional retail market, causing many retailers to focus on operational improvements to drive profits to the bottom line. Supported by today’s data-intensive merchandising systems, most retailers are now in the mode of innovation to provide a unique shopping experience and customer satisfaction. The online shoppers do not have to waste time in searching for their desired product. They have the option to search and find it out. The next big thing is the retailer’s ability to provide the product experience to the customers and this can be achieved by VR. This ensures that the customer is not moving out of your website and as a retailer able to satisfy the customer.
Problem Scale: Worldwide
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1357

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