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Energy demands is increased and also utilization to think in up-coming days in our nation. In future it’s possible to increase energy demand include ever increasing industries, population, and development of hi-tech and smart cities. Additionally, making energy generation and utilization of energy is directly linked with our nation economic growth. For making the renewable energy and it's developing by the country, the economy of the country have to be powerful and strong. The energy requirement process of our country should be strategically thinking it and work on it. Anyway we have to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, political constrains and geographical in control the energy from the fossil fuels and its associated environmental pollution. The fossil fuels it releases harmful gases like sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxides and also carcinogenic substances like benzene and formaldehyde. These gases lead to several others environmental problems like global warming, ozone layer break down etc, and also have a major adverse effect on the human health like lung disease, cancer, long sight etc, . Fossil fuels are getting more and more scarce and expensive. In our country still approximately over 67% of the electricity its produced from oil, natural gas and coal. Significantly research is going on to get renewable energy and sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, biomass, water and nuclear. Worldwide statistics it shows that 13.4% energy is obtained from nuclear reactors power plant, 16.2% energy from hydro power plant and 3.1% energy from wind and 3.3% energy from solar and biomass. But these renewable energy sources also have the drawbacks. During the rainy season the solar power it can’t give and the production cost of solar panel and transformation of chemical energy into electrical energy are very expensive. Solar panel performance depends upon light intensity or strength. This makes it both the daylight and weather dependent Alternative electricity generation technologies are occasionally dispute for their environmental performance, even though they are renewable energy. To make wind turbines we need rare earth metals like neodymium for construction and Solar panels its contain scarce metals Especially mining of the metals causes a lot of environmental pollution, then the performance of environment by wind and solar energy is debatable. Hydro-power plant is generally considered eco-friendly based on the materials used, but debate is going on about the loss of natural areas due to submergence upstream of the dam. The energy production of the wind energy is very less. The availability of electricity is affected by two different factors, one is storage availability and another one is source availability. An electricity generation technology its depends upon time dependent, weather dependent or limited to availability. If the electricity generation of a source is weather dependent but peaks in demand simultaneously with peaks in generation. In practice, however, this is not the case of solar power. Wind power is only placed in the open field without too many buildings and wind power plants its comes under the geographically dependent and weather dependent. Hydro-power plant is geographically limited to the course of river and it may be some cases by season dependent on its flow. Thus, the easily available and sustainable source of energy its depend on biomass. All the problems are mentioned above and its can be avoided by using the Living Plant E-Energy.


The Living Plants E-Energy is based on the relationship between plants and microbes to produce electricity. Plants generate energy through photosynthesis and this energy is also stored in the roots. Certain microbes living near the root are able to oxidize organic matter near the root region and give out electrons in the process. These electrons can be captured by using electrodes and put to use. Carbon coated cloth is used as a membrane for anode and graphite coated cloth is used as a membrane for the cathode. The plants along with these membrane covered electrodes form a Plant Microbial Fuel Cell (PMFC) and they are connected in series as per the requirement. The energy generated in the first test suing a pot plant was sufficient to light up a 12 V DC bulb and also to charge a mobile phone. This is a new method of generating renewable energy and totally green and it can be used for small household appliances and lighting. ( Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bO7HxLQ1Qs)

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: M Anand
Address: No: 72, Jeyalakshmi Nagar, Kelambakkam, chennai.
City: chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
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Link: • Electric characteristics can be varied by changing water content • Plant E-Energy fuel cell can produce constant current load • By using Plant E-Energy technology plants can grow fast compared to other plants. • Plant E-Energy has low weight, easy to use and requires very less maintenance. • Plant E-Energy is a low cost option compared to existing renewable energy
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1367

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