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The major adverse effects of road vehicles on the environment are air pollution and Fuel economy in India. Our nation its 3 ranking to release the toxic emissions 2066.01 million metric tons in the world because almost 15 billion Registered and used Motor Vehicles in India. Different types of vehicles used in India like Two Wheeler s, Cars, Taxis, Buses, and Others. But here we are focusing only two wheeler s and cars. For these vehicles they are using fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. In India petrol price is 59.20 rs in 2015, 82.48 rs in 2018 and diesel price is 47.02rs in 2015 and 72.59Rs in 2018. The fuel price they are increasing day by day and they can't give a constant amount. A common people they can’t pay these much money for petrol and diesel. The components of fossil fuel range from C10H20 to C15H28, though the average chemical formula of common fossil fuel is C12H23, So the fuel it contains many trace elements like carbon (83% – 87%), nitrogen (10% - 14%), sulfur (0.1% - 2%), benzene (01.% - 1.5%) and hydrogen (0.5% - 6%). After combustion it will release the toxic smokes like unburned hydro-carbons 1.98 (g /km), carbon monoxide 1.75 (g /km), sulfur oxide 0.87 (g /km), nitroxide 13.06 (g /km) and also carcinogenic substances like benzene and formaldehyde. These toxic smoke its not good for environment and human beings. These harmful gases if we intake it reduced oxygen percentage in the blood and deprives the brain, heart, lungs, wheezing problem, and other vital organs of oxygen. Large amounts of toxic smoke can overcome in minutes its possible to loss your consciousness. These emissions it will affect the environment wealth and also its breakdown the ozone layer. Nitrogen oxide its Primary pollutants that produce photo chemical smog, acid rain, and nitrate particulates. Destruction of stratospheric ozone. Sulfur oxide its Reduced atmospheric visibility, Human health impact, Black carbon particulates contribute to global warming. When Ozone layer breakdown it will damage to plants, crops, and man-made products. These are the main problems faced daily in the world.


India is suffering from environmental pollution and with the growing population and increase in the number of vehicle users; the air quality will worsen causing endless problems to the environment. The pollution from vehicles can be reduced by improving the fuel economy. For that we have to use alternate fuel for the road vehicles. Here we have made an alternative fuel kit that enables a gasoline powered bike to run on hydrogen generated from sea water through electrolysis. Seawater is abundant in our planet. Alternative fuel kit or electrolysis kit consists of two electrodes; anode is made of aluminium and cathode is made of stainless steel. These electrodes are connected to a 12 V 7.5 Ah battery using copper wires. To boost up the rate of hydrogen generation, catalysts like potassium and titanium powder are added. When current flows through the circuit, oxygen and hydrogen gases will evolve at and will be collected and stored in separate tanks that will be fitted with Zig-bee sensors to monitor the rate of generation, consumption and level in the storage tank. The hydrogen gas will be supplied to the inlet manifold that is an air hose pipe of the carburetor, during the suction created by piston movement. Hydrogen gas flow at a pressure of 0.35 MPa will mix with air and gas flow can be controlled by a flow regulator. The hydrogen combustion is at least 3 times faster than the gasoline explosion and subsequent ignites the gasoline from all directions. The combustion of hydrogen produces an enormous driving force. The bike can be converted from a gasoline powered bike to a hydrogen powered bike just by incorporating this kit along with the bike’s fuel system. This Alternative fuel kit enables green bikes as it uses hydrogen and there is no emission of toxic gases. ( Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha_hW0Ppyoc )

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: M AnandK Maria dinesh
Address: No: 72, Jeyalakshmi Nagar, Kelambakkam, chennai.
City: chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 603103

Email: anandvolleyball01@gmail.com
Contact No: 9042242373.0

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Link: • Use of fuel cell based on sea water • Control over rate of fuel consumption • Hydrogen generation can be controlled using electronic controller. • The kit is made such that temperature (summer) will not affect safety. • Very good fuel economy • Existing automobiles running on gasoline can be converted into hydrogen powered bikes
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1368

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