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The existing crushers are heavy ones and these crushers are excessively used for crushing materials at big industries and manufacturing plants for crushing cars, stones, metal components etc., Moreover, these crushers are hydraulically and pneumatically operated and are feasible if very high amount of crushing forces are required for crushing a material. The operating costs of these crushers are very high as it requires continuous power, continuous maintenance as this involves hydraulic fluid or compressors kits etc., these type of high end crushers are not necessary for small recycling plants and is not affordable to many people. It requires proper maintenance as the hydraulic fluid needs to be changed constantly on time basis. It also requires skilled labor for operation


As plastic waste is a big problem for the national transporter, Over 10,000 empty plastic water bottles that are discarded everyday by passengers travelling in trains passing through in all railway station will now be recycled. On an average, more than 10,000 empty water bottles are discarded at the railway station. It is difficult to dispose of this kind of waste and not able to either transport them or clean them on a regular basis. To tackle this menace, a bottle crushing machine to help recycle the plastic waste generated daily at the station, This machine has the capacity to crush 1000 bottles per hour. “Earlier we used to employ people to collect these bottles and pay Rs 5,000-10,000 per month. But, now the firm that has installed the bottle crushing machine is paying us an annual lease of Rs 1,00,000. This not only helps maintain the station clean but also earns additional revenue. The aim to install these machines is to protect the environment. If any passenger wants to throw the plastic water bottle, they can put it into this machine, which will crush the water bottle. Among the salient features of the machine is that it operates automatically depending on the number of bottles fed into it. The bottle is subsequently disintegrated into a fine piece of plastic, and released. These machines have been designed as a cost-effective means for disposal of waste plastic bottles. It is easy to use the machine. The crusher places the empty bottle into the receiving aperture; the horizontal in-feed system allows the user to insert containers one at a time. Once a bottle is inserted, it is crushed to reduce its size. The machine, which is about the size of a refrigerator, can consume around 5,000 bottles in a day. Design of a Plastic Bottle Crusher which would help to crush the used Plastic bottles and would thereby help in waste management and disposal. In an environment-friendly initiative, this will also ensure that plastic bottles are not dumped on railway tracks or stations premises. It is also an eco-friendly option to dispose of plastic bottles, Once the bottle is dropped into the machine, it is crushed and released as fine pieces of plastic

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: dinesh1. SHINSHAD.M.V ,2. SHRIVIGNESH.S.
Address: Asst professor/mechanical Engg SVS College of engineering coimbatore
City: coimbatore
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 642109

Email: mechaucbe@gmail.com
Contact No: 9894345920.0

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Link: The project is to reduce the space consumed in trucks so that more plastic wastes can be transported without overloading the vehicle. This helps in reducing accidents. It can also be applied in housekeeping techniques. The crushing of used water bottles will also ensure that the bottles are no used beyond the shelf life of its plastic. The crusher will help in managing and recycling plastic waste. It would also help in reducing the volume of waste generated and will thus help in effective waste management.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1373

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