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By considering, this spring loaded flushing system there is no need of electrical supply. And the main drawback of sensor type flushing system is that the sensor does not work properly, so flushing cannot be done properly. And it can be lead to many air borne diseases. So, the spring loaded flushing system can be used effectively in the flushing manner. By comparing sensor type, spring loaded flushing system is cost efficient. The spring loaded flushing system has been effective in working and it cannot use the electrical supply source as input or output. In sensor type, sometimes sensor will not be working properly. But in spring loaded flushing system, there is no need of electrical supply and all the components used are all mechanical. So it cannot be repaired quickly.The spring loaded flushing system is also cost efficient while comparing other types. And it has the main advantage of being used by with physically changelled persons. This project involves processes such as sheet metal work, stretching, welding, etc. The project to be carried out by us would make an impression in the society. This project will reduce the cost involved in the concern. The speed of the cutting and releasing stroke is varied by the timer control unit circuit. Project has been designed to perform the entire requirement task at the shortest time available.


A Flush toilet (also known as flushing toilet, flush lavatory or water closet) is a toilet that disposes of Human excreta by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for disposal, thus maintaining a separation between humans and their excreta. We know that, there are two types of flushing systems. They are automatic flushing system by using sensor and the next is of manual type which can be operated by means of providing flushing tap or trigger. By considering sensor type, its cost is high and need electrical power .In manual type, the major drawback is that many of them do not flush the tap. So its leads to dangerous air borne diseases. By overcoming this defect, the mechanical type spring loaded flushing system can be used. This system consists of springs in the bottom side (foot path), due to the weight, spring contracts and the links connected to the spring’s movement downward. By releasing the foot from the bottom, the spring expands .This results in flushing of water into the urinary sink. This flushing process can be done by providing pneumatic cylinder. The main advantage of this system are, it does not need or consumes electrical power, no need of pushing the water tap, the physically Challenged persons can also use the flushing system. The main function of the flushing system is to flush or spray the liquid with high pressure; the pressure range can be achieved by placing the pneumatic cylinder. The flushing system can be mainly used in the toilet for removing the human excreta. The spring loaded flushing system can also be used for the purpose of cleaning human excreta. In spring loaded flushing system, the flushing process can be done automatically without using sensors. The water flow in the system can be controlled by the various links and hinge joints. The expansion and contraction of spring controls the links and hinge joints. The pneumatic cylinder is used to increase the water pressure and made it to flush all over the sink. The measuring scale is also provided within the system, which is used to measure the level of water stored in the reservoir or tank. If the level of water goes beyond certain limits, the water can be filled again into the tank.

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Link: 1. It is automatic flushing type. 2. It does not consume power. 3. Initial and maintained costs are very low while compared to the sensor type 4. It is very effective in flushing. 5. Physically challenged persons can also used this system, 6. Water level can be monitored by meter leveling scale. 7. It is compact and portable
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1379

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