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power cut and shortage of power: power generation through roadways for car batteries,and house appliances usage


This Project is purely based on the Highway New Features: > The new concept of Thermocouple is employed to Road Railings with Cu and Fe to produce Voltage. Instant the road can be made up of solar panel of compressed gorilla glass.Here our approach is to bring a Smart Highways combined with Power Generation to prevent the Power Shortage. > Generation Of Power.This is related to Process like FOOTSTEP GENERATION in which the pressure given to the Walkpath,this will leads to the Power Generation.This is in accordance with PIEZO ELECTRIC EFFECT And The Highway Pavement is fitted with solar panel this will capture power in form of Solar Energy And the street light glowing is based on the principle of ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION and the same mechanism is used to charge the Automobiles while in motion by the energy stored by Solar Energy and Dynamo Mechanical Energy of Speed Breakers.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: PRASATHmadhumitha,Prasath
Address: 28,muthumariamman kovil street, chinnakalapet, puducherry.
City: puducherry
State: Pondicherry
PIN Code 605014

Email: hariprasathom@gmail.com
Contact No: 9952616419.0

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Link: thermocouple,dynamo application with flywheel,foot step generator.
Problem Scale: Worldwide
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1384

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