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Problem Statement:

The project addressed the three problems: 1)The radiation generated by Wi-Fi antenna and other human interface devices is harmful for human kind, and if the power is more than it is more dangerous. In this research 4 different MIMO antenna has been designed which has low value of Specific absorption rate (SAR). The SAR is the rate of radiation absorbed by human biological tissues. The designed antenna produced small SAR under the safety limit recommended by ITU. Secondly it designs for small power so that radiation generated by antenna has less harmful effects. Thirdly the antenna has minimum back lobe so that there is a small energy near the ear or head. 2)The MIMO system has great advantage of large capacity or data rate but due to multiple antenna system the problem of mutual coupling has been raised. In this project compact MIMO antenna has been design with less value of mutual coupling. The designed MIMO antenna has less value of Envelop correlation coefficient (ECC) which gives the good MIMO antenna performance in terms of coupling. The designed antenna also discussed maximum MIMO antenna parameters which were missing in previous research works. 3)The third issue is the challenge in design and achieving isolation among the ports in common element radiator. In this project one 4-port common element antenna has been designed and compared with previously designed common element antenna and found suitable for Wi-Fi applications. To maintain isolation among the physically connected ports is not an easy job. In this regard geometry of antenna plays important role. The proposed designed achieved isolation successfully. In the project work 4 different types of MIMO antenna have been designed for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, C-band, S-Band, ISM and WLAN applications. The Designed MIMO antenna are compared with previously designed MIMO antenna and compared and found good performance of designed antenna. On the basis of comparison and novelty the project work published in some SCI expanded journals, like International journal of RF Microwave and Computer aided Engg., International journal of Microwave and Wireless Technology etc.


In the present technology the demand for higher data rate or internet speed is prime concern. The technology multiple-input-multiple-output fulfills the above higher data rate requirement easily. The multiple antenna system can transmit the different information simultaneously; consequently speed is increases from Mpbs to Gbps. The use of multiple antenna system has great advantage but at the same time it suffered from mutual coupling as well as the higher radiation generated by the multiple antenna system, may cause more harm on human body parts specially near the human head. The use of Wi-Fi, wireless keyboard, wireless earpieces, also produces the harmful effect near the human body parts. In this research, compact, low mutual coupling, small power, and low specific absorption rate (SAR) MIMO antenna has been design, fabricated tested and measured in an anechoic chamber. The designed antenna is suitable for Wi-Fi, WiMax, Bluetooth, C-band and human interface devices. The designed antenna produces low value of SAR which is under the limit set by ITU. The research contains 4 antenna designs using MIMO techniques for human interfaces devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WI-Max, S-Band, C-Band, ISM and other WLAN application. Nowadays Wi-Fi is the most important part of human life as connectivity and communication point of view. Wi-Fi is required at railway stations, bus stations, shopping malls, schools, offices, hospitals almost everywhere. More use of Wi-Fi produces more harmful radiation, may dangerous for the whole generation. Therefore proper study of SAR is important, which is also included in this research. The parameter SAR is a measure of EM wave rate absorbed by the human body. The proposed designed antenna also has been recognized by international agencies like International Journal of RF Microwave Computer Aided Engg., International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies etc. In this research compact meander line MIMO antenna, common element MIMO antenna, Octagonal ring based antenna and fractal spider shaped multiband MIMO antenna is proposed for multiple applications. The designed MIMO antenna produces good antenna gain, low value of ECC, good radiation characteristics, low SAR, and higher bandwidth.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sanjay ChouhanDr. Vivek Singh Kushwah,Dr. D.K. Panda
Address: Amity University Gwalaior, Maharajpura, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474020
City: Gwalior
State: Madhya Pradesh
PIN Code 474020

Email: sanjaychouhanjit@yahoo.co.in
Contact No: 9752752988.0

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Link: 1)The designed MIMO antenna produces low SAR value which generates less harmful radiation effects and suitable for human interface devices, wi-fi, Bluetooth etc. 2)Compact antenna takes small size with low mutual coupling and ECC. 3)More than 10 dB Isolation among antenna ports with good radiation efficiency is achieved. 4)Common element antenna proposed for wireless applications.
Problem Scale: Worldwide

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1395

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