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NeerChakra is Design to solve the following Problems:- 1) 54 % of women walk between 200 meters and 5 km daily to fetch water, (NSSO, India 2011) 2) Women spend 150 million work days per year, equivalent to a "national loss of income of 10 billion Rupees". (UNESCO Water Portal) 3) Problems Caused By Fetching and Transporting Water:- a) Time Consuming •25% Of A Day •6 Hours In 1 Day •42 Hours A Week b) Less Water Storage Capacity •1 Gallon Of Water ≈ 12-15 Liter, •One Trip ≈ 20 Liters Children + mother •5 Trips ≈100liters c) Weight And Health Issues:- •Carrying 15-20liters on Their Head And Waist •Back, Neck, Spinal, Injuries, And "Miscarriages" d) Prevents Women From Income Generating Activities, And Children From Educational and sports opportunity e) The responsibility for water fetching and transportation promotes polygamy in rural and tribal villages


In most of the developing countries, millions of people have to walk for kilometers, dedicating a significant amount of time in their day, to fetch a few liters of water. Women spend 150 million work days per year, equivalent to a national loss of income of 10 billion Rupees (UNESCO Water Portal). Traditionally, women and children walk several kilometers carrying water containers on their head, waist or in their arms. This lack of accessibility to clean water has deprived them of other income generating and educational opportunities. Carrying heavy water containers results in back, shoulder, joint and neck injuries. It leads to miscarriages and affects the health of pregnant women and the unborn child. a load of water fetching and transportation promotes polygamy in rural and tribal villages. A solution innovatively designed to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks associated with the liquid, such as water transport and storage, is the "NeerChakra", (Gyroscopic Liquid Transportation Device; Patent No.:- 201821028546). Design of NeerChara is inspired by the Ancient Greek Invention of Gimbal Ink Pot (Gyroscopic Ink Pot). NeerChakra is a four-wheel drive device, it reduces the time spent in fetching water, it provides advanced liquid/water storage and transportation capacity of "80 to 100 liters", Gyroscopic Principle Increases the stability to operate in any geological condition, Reduces water losses during transportation, provides basic purification of water; Safe and Healthy water consumption. As the NeerChakra provides the above facilities and solutions to overcome the pressing social problems, NeerChakra fulfills the water requirement of the average family in a single trip, it promotes income-generating activities for women and education and sports among children. This would empower the people by improving the quality of life and promotes their basic human right to access water safely. NeerChakra is a low-cost water transportation device with the capacity of 80 to 100 liters for 3,000* Rupees i.e. 41 USD (along with four-wheel drive, Basic Water filtration, Braking system)

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Mr. Tanveer A. InamdarTanveer Aslam Inamdar,Resham JasvinderSingh Sethi
Address: 433 Rasta peth, Nida apt 2nd floor near power house, Pune-411011
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
PIN Code 411011

Email: teamtree8888@gmail.com
Contact No: 9373478437.0

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Link: 1) Use the Gyroscopic principle and Device for stable and efficient water transportation 2) Four-wheel drive device, reduce human efforts in water transportation 3) Lever and Wheel arrangement reduces the lifting and transportation efforts by 80%. 4) NeerChakra has the arrangement of the 'Braking system' to control the device on slope and hills 5) NeerChakra has "80 to 100 liters" liquid storage and transportation capacity. 6) NeerChara has the arrangement of the Lid to prevent entry of dust and dirt particles and to reduce the water loss during transportation 7) NeerChara has the arrangement of Tap, for the easy and controllable discharge of water. 8) The arrangement of the basic water filtration system
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1400

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