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In the medical field, installation of needle infusion is performed by medical officer during patient's hospitalization. The medical practitioners also require expertise to detect vein vessels for blood donations, blood transfusion and to enter medications or fluids in the body. Many of them find difficulty in locating vein vessels to insert needle in patients arm in the first experiment. It will make the patient feel uncomfortable. The errors that occur when inserting the needle may lead patient to trauma, swell in the skin, cuts on the bone, allergic reactions or appearance of black spots on the veins. Hence, determining the location of venous vessels in humans is extremely important in the field of health. To resolve the issue of finding the veins, we have designed a single tool for showing the veins clearly commonly called vein viewer. This setup will work by emitting infrared radiations in the body with a specific wavelength. Then the infrared camera will take pictures in body parts under consideration, veins will look darker than the other networks. The wavelength of the spectral display will range from 700 to 900 nm. The Image obtained from the camera due to reflected light will be processed on the computer with the help of MATLAB. The results displayed will clearly show the vein image eradicating noise and amplifying the clarity of vein network.


Today, even though medical science has advanced extensively with the invent of state of art technologies but ironically a very basic problem that is often being ignored in any surgery is difficulty in accessing vein taking blood samples or for drug delivery intravenously. Many complaints in health areas are about difficulty to stick syringe for medicine given or other liquid. Unnecessary puncturing of veins occurs due to poor visibility and may lead to many complications including bruises or permanently damaged veins. Hence, we propose a low cost and portable “robust hand vein detection system”. Widely applicable to every individual especially in case of children, old age people and critical care patients.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ashish Kumar ChowdharyASHISH KUMAR CHOWDHARY
Address: Lohit Hostel, Room No - B247, IIT Guwahati, Amingaon, Guwahati, Assam - 781039
City: Guwahati
State: Assam
PIN Code 781039

Email: akc.nitdgp@gmail.com
Contact No: 9560622806.0

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Link: 1. Low cost 2. Portable 3. Fast Processing. 4. Low power consumption. 5. Widely applicable for human vein detection. 6. Applicable for people of all age group. 7. No puncturing of veins by needles needed. 8. No damage/bruises to skin cells. 9. Reliable output.
Problem Scale: Worldwide
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1421

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