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Energy management


"Simple power plant: Even in the remotest of regions like forest areas, we can depend on this ‘simple power plant’ for generating power. The device has a handle that can be easily rotated with a uniform speed. The dynamo will generate the recommended voltage (6 V). The generated voltage can be stored in a battery that can be charged. Here the mechanical power is converted to electrical energy. We can light up ‘LED’ light in the night and also charge mobile phone with the help of this unit. It is useful and portable and also a teaching aid for students. Electronic Electroscope: Electronic Electroscope is the modification of electroscope. Before, static electricity could be detected only through electroscope. When the charged matter is touched, the head of the electroscope will react. The electronic electroscope helps to find the presence of static electricity within 5 metre distance. "

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Y.N. Nandakumar
Address: Venjaramoodu, Thiruvanthapuram
City: Thiruvanthapuram
State: Kerala
PIN Code 695607

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1508

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