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Global Warming


"This stove facilitates complete combustion of biomass, there are two types of burning process that is taking place in the stove.(primary and secondary burning of biomass). The design is based on the principles of pyrolisis /gasification. The inner side of the stove is divided into two parts. The biomass is put in the inner bottom side of the stove, this is the primary section. Biomass burns here. After the middle part of the inner side of the stove is secondary section. Few secondary air holes are designed and provided in unique dimensions and distances on the inner layer/wall of the stove. This secondary section gets more air through the holes when it gets oxygen from the natural air, the unburned particles in the smoke will start to burn. The secondary burning chamber allows maximum combustion of the hydrocarbons released as a result of the burning of biomass, thus a two tier burning process happens in the stove. This improved the efficiency of the stove and reduces the emissions. This is a portable stove, sizes10"*10"*10", square size, weighing only 8kg, and has efficiency of 37.7%. Many variants of this stove have been developed. This stove is highly efficient, woman friendly, echo friendly, pollution less and reduces global warming."

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: V Jayaprakash
Address: Venjaramoodu, Thiruvanthapuram
City: Thiruvanthapuram
State: Kerala
PIN Code 695607

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Link: Eco-friendly, cost-effective
Problem Scale: Worldwide
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1509

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