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Energy management


"With the exponential rate of advancement in technology, man is getting ready for the generation of Wireless Communication. Market research studies state that most of the future network traffic would be produced by mobile multimedia services which are expected to proliferate in another couple of years. With extreme data rates, premium quality and immense security, 4G is expected to provide every service that you could potentially imagine of. With all the advanced multimedia facilities made available, a 4G mobile would need to connect to the network too often to use them. This would drain its battery much faster than the present. This for sure, is a serious problem because a mobile is of no use without a good battery backup and a battery forms approximately 10 - 15% of the cost, size & weight of a mobile. Upgrading the battery heavily might increase all these factors, which is undesirable. Using the very same technologies that stand as cornerstones for 4G (such as OFDM, MIMO etc), we make it possible for the battery to recharge wirelessly right from the base station with almost 100% efficiency, thus opening a total new dimension in the field of wireless power transmission. We have published a paper that outlines the design objectives, the architectural details involved in 4G systems and a new proposal towards wireless power transmission to recharge the battery (with theoretical calculations based on available data). Taking into account, the recent developments in the field of wireless communication, we have given emphasis to cover all these technologies and aspects, finally giving an idea to remove even the only wire used in a mobile (to recharge it) thus making 4G ultimately wireless.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sathyapriya G
Address: C/o P. Ramkumar B 31, pricot Mill Colony, Kanjikodu West, Palakkadu - 678623
City: Palakkadu
State: Kerala
PIN Code 678623

Email: Sathyasat10@gmail.com
Contact No: 9688240889.0

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1510

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