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Problem Statement:

Tedious job


"This is a machine for harvesting arecanuts and spraying insecticides on arecanut tree without man climbing on tree. The machine has a long body with a knife on the top facing its sharpened portion upwards. The machine is fitted on the tree using two rings encircling the tree. A rope and a string is hanged from the machine to downwards. When the rope is pulled a spring between the rings gets tensioned and when it is released the upper ring jumps upwards on the tree. The string is for descending the machine. For picking the arecanut the rope for climbing is pulled and released repeatedly and when machine is is climbed up to just below the arecanut bunch, then the rope for climbing is pulled forcefully. By hitting the knife at the stem of the bunch it cut and falls down. There are provision for fitting bunch holder below the knife of the machine for collecting the bunches. There is also provision for attaching a holder for fitting the nozzle of insecticide sprayer for spraying insecticides on nearby trees and for the same tree. The holder with nozzle can be turned to all directions by controlling a string from the ground."

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Prakasan Thatari
Address: Nambiari House Mayanadu Post Kozhikode 673008
City: Kozhikode
State: Kerala
PIN Code 673008

Email: TPrakasan2008@yahoo.com
Contact No: 9946417434.0

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1517

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