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The machine functions on a very simple principle. The integument of the coconut fruit, called husk, is manually passed through a conveyer. Spiked pressure plates located inside the machine work on the husk resulting in the separation of the pith from the fibre. Fibre and pith are delivered separately from the respective outlets. Minimal damage is done to the fibre during the process. Consequently, the fibre obtained from this machine is very strong and of good quality. About 3200 husks can be defibred by this machine in a day. Only two people are required to operate this machine, compared to 12-15 people needed for operating a medium sized conventional machine. It works with a 10 HP motor as compared to the 37 HP needed by the old large sized machine

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: K. R. Chandran
Address: Sujith engineering works, Post Mulamma,
City: Cherthala
State: Kerala
PIN Code 688 525

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Link: The machine is compact and portable. There are several models available in the market ranging from Rs 8 lakh to 25 lakh or so with a maximum output of 8000 fronds a day. His machine is far cheaper and productive, compared to the available machines.
Problem Scale: Local in india

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1533

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