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Problem Statement:

Garlic peeling


The garlic peeling machine consists of a 2 HP electric motor, blowers, a peeling chamber, inlet, outlet, exhaust pipe and drives. The peeling chamber has a provision for garlic inlet and a shaft on which the blades are arranged in such a manner that there are six rows and each row consists of four blades placed at an equiangular distance of 90 degrees. The blades are arranged in two consecutive rows. In one row, the blades intersect vertically and horizontally, and in the other row, the blades intersect diagonally. The peeling chamber is cylindrical and the internal walls are serrated. The drives consist of three shafts and pulleys and are transmitted with the use of V-belts. The machine consists of two blowers of different sizes. A housing, made of a steel sheet, covers the entire mechanism. The manufacturing cost of a single prototype is Rs.52,000 inclusive of labour charge and other running costs.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: M. Nagarajan
Address: VIRGO Engg. Works, 29/85, Theni Main Road, Usilampatti
City: Madurai
State: TamilNadu
PIN Code 626532

Practice Details

Link: High productivity and Capacity – 200 kgs/hr Better quality of peeled garlic, peeled garlic are of a uniform nature and are neatly and conveniently collected and recovered It has wider application in pickle industry for preparing garlic paste and garlic powder Energy efficient, labor efficient and higher productivity Easy in operation and maintenance Significant for industry where women are employed in huge numbers
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Locally in india with Garlic Farmers

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1543

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