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The turbine is made up of steel foils with a rim where the blades are welded. A frame is made to hold the turbine in running condition when the turbine is submerged in the water. A compound gear mechanism is used to increase the speed of the armature coil shaft. The generating set (turbine) consists of the following parts namely twelve turbine Blades (flat type), a supporting frame/ trust, a drive gear with 10 teeth and a driven gear with 140 teeth, a Pulley, a Connecting belt (Flat type), an Armature coil and a Chain belt. The blades are welded in a four feet circular rim at an angle of 35°. The upper parts of the 12 blades are fixed in the circular rim that is four inches in width and the lower part of the turbine is fixed in an axle. A chain is fitted to the turbine axle and the drive gear. A lever mechanism is used to control the generation of the power by disengaging the driven gear where the shaft is coupled. A pump with guide blade is used for irrigation. The driven gear with the help of a flat belt gives the required rotation of the pump for pumping water.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Nripen Kalita
Address: Vill: Jiakur, P.O: Kukurmara,
City: Kamrup
State: Assam
PIN Code 781134

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Link: am. Economically it is a better bet as construction and installation cost is minimal Rs.8000, as compared to hydro-electric, steam or any other power plant where even a micro hydel generator costs at least Rs.40,000. The maintenance cost is also quite low compared to the conventional hydroelectric power plant. Its efficiency is greater than 50%. It can be set up anywhere be it plains or mountains. And of the greatest importance is the fact that the turbine has a very high potential in rural areas where electric power supply is not available. NIF has filed patent for the zero head water turbine.
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Grave

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1562

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