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The rotary huller developed by Manoharan is an ingenious system that can be used to hull small quantities of different items simultaneously. This machine uses the principle of the inherent gravitational force of falling bodies to do the hulling, without using any electricity or fuel. The machine can be operated manually as well as electrically. Since the hollow tubes are individual and discontinuous, six different varieties of items such as spices, cereals, rice and other grains may be hulled simultaneously. But in other grinding machines and mechanical hullers only one product can be ground at a time. In this rotary huller, the hulling operation does not produce much heat so the original flavor of the product is maintained

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: A. N. Manoharan
Address: 67, West Ponnagaram 8th Street,
City: Madurai
State: TamilNadu
PIN Code 625016

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Link: The machine is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. This device has a number of applications such as, grinding herbal and non-herbal products for medicines, grinding animal waste to produce fertilizers, producing animal fodder, and mixing and grinding all types of grocery items. At Rs.5000, this device costs one third of the cost of the nearest comparable mechanical huller available in the market. The output is about 3kg/hour for hard grains and 18 kg/hour for cereals. This energy efficient device is a good tool to increase mechanization in rural areas. Since it is easy to operate, women can take over the job of hulling, and eliminate the drudgery of manual hulling. The rotary huller also caters to the expectations of the consumer segment that believes in the superior quality of a product that is pounded by hand
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Grave

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1563

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