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Conversion of Plain Power loom into continuos Weft Feeding power loom


All shuttle looms can be modified in such a way that weft can be inserted continuously without frequent pirn change. This method can be used in all types of plain looms attached with dobby and also with drop box/under pick/pick and pick mechanisms.In ordinary weaving, one has to change the weft yarn during a weft pirn exhaust. In this new method two weft cones stands are provided at sides of the loom and they are specially arranged so that they have the capability of controlling yarn tension and electronic weft stop motion. The yarn from the pirn is only used to bind the weft taken from the cones. By doing so, expense on pirn winding is reduced. This method of weaving takes place by two weft threads so that the fabric is dense and with good cover. One has to change only cones here unlike rapier looms, where frequent change of pirn is required. This can weave up to one thousand meters thereby reducing manpower and time. Fifty percent of the total warp threads are lifted at a time and the remaining are kept down for the first pick and for the next pick the system is reversed. To enable this, the heald frames are connected to dobby in such a manner that there is no collision in between the healds.The dobby mechanism can be used to select the weft colours as and when required.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shri S. Shanmugam
Address: S/o Mr Subramani, Pavadi Street - 2, P.O.:Sinnappampatty, Omalur (Tk),
City: Salem
State: TamilNadu
PIN Code 636306

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Link: Using this method one can weave fabrics like cotton, rayon, polyester, silks using normal plain power looms.The electronic warp stop motion and electronic weft stop motion on these looms give a fault free fabric. The system is less expensive and easy to maintain. The productivity improvement in terms of saving of time for weft replenishment is from fifteen to twenty percent. Further fabric quality obtained from this innovation is quite good due to very few stoppages for weft replenishment.In the preparatory operation, the weft winding which includes a separate machinery and manpower is practically eliminated. It results in a considerable saving in terms of manpower, machinery and floor space.
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Grave

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1570

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