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Problem Statement:

Support for Physical Handicapped


Being a handicap himself, innovator was not able to drive four wheelers. He was deeply moved by the problems faced by physically challenged people when it comes to mobility. There were no alternatives available which could enable a handicap person to drive a four-wheeler and few car companies providing retrofitting in cars for physically challenged are costly and difficult to operate. Innovator thus developed a retrofitting, which makes driving very easier for physically challenged persons without disturbing the original features of the car. Innovators designed custom made retrofitting in cars for disabled people, which involve modifications in the brake, accelerator, and clutch arrangement for operation by hand. Comfort, simplicity and ease of operations are other features embedded in the controls to suit the driving needs of the handicap persons. Innovators modified the driving actions so that the controls are transferred to hand by use of leverage, wires and linkage mechanism. Brake pedal is activated either by mechanical arrangement made of linkage or using an additional hydraulic cylinder arrangement. Using the push-pull type switch, installed in the dashboard, the acceleration is activated through wire connecting it to the engine. The clutch wire is connected to a semicircular hand steering element, which is connected through the steering assembly to the clutch plate to operate the clutch. Currently, the design is adopted for Scorpio and Maruti, and has to be standardized for any other vehicle.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shri Mujib Khan
Address: C/o MK Motors, Near Jagatpura Railway Crossing,
City: Jaipur
State: Rajasthan
PIN Code 302017

Practice Details

Link: A retrofitting in the four-wheeler to make it suitable for use by physically challenged people. It is adjustable to specific needs of physically disabled person depending upon the extent of disability. The conversion cost is affordable and much lower than of standardized ones. The original features of the car remain intact. Easy to operate and maintain.
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Grave

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1574

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