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Transport for Handicapped


The innovation is a modification kit that can be fitted to cars for lower limb physically challenged. With the retrofitting brake, accelerator and clutch controls can be actuated with a single hand. This fitment can be retrofitted in any vehicle with a power brake. Specific illustrations are already there in art.1 Physically challenged people who do not have one or both legs can use this car efficiency. The modifications made are in brakes, clutch, gear and accelerator. All these controls are modified in such a way that hands can operate them. Controls are transferred to hands by use of leverage and linkage mechanism while using the power transmission of existing system.The modified brake is operated by the middle as well as adjoining finger by pushing the brake lever downwards, which is connected to the brake pedal of a car by the two-wheeler brake wire, as a connecting mechanism.The clutch is operated with the palm. When clutch lever is pushed downwards, the clutch pedal is pushed and disengagement of clutch takes place. To engage the clutch, lever has to be released gradually. This action is also transferred by use of two wheelers brake wire cable.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shri Biju Varghese
Address: Purayadathil House Venkurinji, Mukoothuthara
City: Kottayam
State: Kerala
PIN Code 686510

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Link: The accelerator is operated with forefinger by pressing the accelerator lever downward similar to hand operated brake level.The system can be fitted into any model of car and the incorporation cost ranges between Rs 4000- 4500/-. The repair kit for the system is quite easy and ergonomically also the system is comfortableHaving perfected the unit satisfactorily and installed in his Wagon-R and driven over 50,000 kilometers using his left hand, he has become a role model in society and been transformed from an object of sympathy to an object of admiration.Now he feels peaceful that he confidently "standing on his own legs". He is running his own shop selling and servicing electronic goods shops with lot of satisfied customers. He also repairs and assembles stabilizers, invertors and mobile phones. He is also well versed in plumbing. He himself acquired all his skills, without any formal training.He feels that depression is the major obstacle for handicapped people who cannot lead a normal life. T
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Grave

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1575

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