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Speed Breaker Cost


Krishnakants speed control device is a microprocessor-based system. The assembly consists of three basic units: a sensing unit, an electronic control unit or ECU and a solenoid valve. The sensor unit is installed on to the gearbox to monitor speed of the vehicle. The valve unit, consisting of a normally closed solenoid valve, is mounted on to the fuel line between fuel injection pump and fuel-filter in order to control fuel supply.Apart from this, there are two warning units consisting of buzzer systems: the first buzzer rings to indicate to the driver about over speeding and the second buzzer rings when there is some fault with the speed control device. A variable frequency square pulse, from the speed sensing circuitry, is given as input to the micro controller. ECU controls the solenoid valve, which directly controls fuel flow in to the fuel injector. Currently such governors are designed for heavy diesel vehicles only.On the road, when a driver over-speeds beyond a pre-set limit, he gets a warning sound from buzzer unit. If he still persists, then microprocessor sets a trigger automatically to the valve unit in order to block fuel flow to the carburetor, bringing down the speed of vehicle

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shri P. Krishna Kant
Address: S/o. Prof. N. Sujath Kumar, 1/213-A, "Krishna Kripa" P.O.: West Hill, Chungam,
City: Calicut
State: Kerala
PIN Code 673005

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Link: .In Krishnakant?s innovation, an electronic solenoid valve is used, which has far greater precision and reliability than mechanical motor or actuator units fitted in conventional alternatives1 . If this unit is tampered, the vehicle does not move as the electronic solenoid closes automatically. The unit is also more compact, easy to fit into the vehicle and has only a few components? requirement. In case of other existing speed control devices, fuel control is done indirectly, making the system more complex, costly and less reliable. However, in Krishnakant?s innovation, the control of fuel is direct and reliable. He has himself filed patent for his speed-breaking device.It cannot only reduce the speed like conventional products but can also, automatically, increase the speed when it falls to lower threshold of the band specified. On mass production, this device is estimated to cost less than Rs. 5,000, which is less than one-third the cost of conventional products. 1 Mechanical Speed governor has been known in the art
Problem Scale: MIld

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1580

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