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New Variety Development


Crossing many local varieties, he developed many varieties of mustard, which include Mahavir Kishan Chandravarni, Mahavir Kishan Pittavarni, Mahavir Kishan Kanka, Mahavir Kishan Harsh, Mahavir Kishan Sunahari. The maturity period of all these varieties varies from 130 to 150 days and the yield from 18 quintals per hectare to 24 quintals per hectare. All the varieties are disease resistant and high yielding.Similarly, he has developed many wheat varieties too. Mahavir Kishan Mahan, Mahavir Kishan Vardan, Mahavir Kishan Kranti, Mahavir Kishan Vikash, Mahavir Kishan Pragati varieties are the prominent ones among them. The maturity period of all varies from 135-160 days, in case of Mahavir Kishan Pragati variety, the period is 95-110 days as it is a short duration variety. This particular variety is the only dwarf one among all, which are tall varieties. The yield of these varieties varies from 40-80 quintals per hectare. Mahavir Singh Aryas daily routine involves spending most of the time in his field, selecting plants and crossing them. He is ably assisted and supported by all the members in his family.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Mahavir Singh Arya
Address: Vill.: Gudan, Post: Nara, Tal.: Rajgarh, via :Rampura Beri,
City: Churu
State: Rajasthan
PIN Code 331301

Practice Details

Link: It is only when he has to uproot and discard many plants while making selection he has to face some resistance from his family. They complain about throwing those plants away, which have been produced after hard labour and care. He then explains the reason behind the selection process to them, in the process making them knowledgeable and passing on his experience too. Possessing good experience in agriculture, he is invited by other farmers for guidance and assistance, so, much of his time is spent in traveling too and this invokes criticism from his wife, as he is not able to devote enough time to the family. However, the family understands his devotion to the cause and supports him in his activities. They wish he were able to help maximum people and make a name for himself and as a result making them proud too. They know he has been working hard for the past many years and hope that he becomes famous one day.Keeping their expectations firmly grounded, they wish to have a tube well in the village so that everyone is benefited and they are able to carry on their own research work, without any hinderance.
Manufacturing Capacity: Yes
Problem Scale: Grave

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1597

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