About the Practice
Problem Statement:

Jignesh (41)is physically challenged from lower limbs and works as a video editor. While browsing the internet, he once found a video of a vehicle, which enabled a physically challenged person to mount it with their wheelchairs. He was inspired to work on designing and fabricating similar mobility solutions for handicapped people under his company tag ‘Freedom wheels enterprises’. He designs 10 different variants of wheelchairs for people who cannot even sit.


Jignesh designed and developed a customised two wheeler wherein one can mount the vehicle with wheelchair. He developed two variants, one with engine power based and the other electric power based.Before fabricating this two wheeler, he travelled in a ‘retrofitted gear car’ driven by himself. However, it was difficult to get off the vehicle and on to the wheelchair and then back on the vehicle. Hence, he decided to work on the project and now mounts the two wheeler using his battery operated wheelchair, which can also be done by a similar person using his manual/ battery operated wheelchair. The engine and pillion body of the Honda scooter (Activa) has been shifted towards the right, while in its place a lorry is attached to the vehicle’s front part.In this lorry, a person with his wheelchair can be accommodated. The wheelchair is locked in its place using belts and/ or a wheel- docking system. The ramp provides additional safety support as it is linearly actuated and locked in its place behind the wheelchair.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Jigneshbhai Shah
Address: B-3 Nebula Towers, Bodakdev, S. G. Road, Near Grand Bhagwati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 380054

Email: yourfreedomwheels@gmail.com
Contact No: 9227224628.0
Website: http://freedomwheels.ibout-us/

Practice Details

Manufacturing Capacity: Yes

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1598

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