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100% Natural And Organic Fruit Juices By Madhav Fresh

Livelihoods Gujarat

Floating Toilet Soap

Assistive technologies Kerala

Rain Water Syringe

Natural Resource Management Kerala

Cactus Based Food Products

Misc. Gujarat

Effective Sound Speaker System

Natural Resource Management Tamil Nadu

Sugarcane Bud Chipper Than Others

Livelihoods Madhya Pradesh

Reaper Windrower

Mobile Oprated Automatic Santatizing Machine

Load Carrying Device

An Ergonomic And Efficient Chula

Groundnut Seed Thresher

Mechanical Sieve Labour Free Multigrain Cleaning Machine

The Multipurpose Processing Machine

Bamboo Splint Making Machine

Novel Hair Treatment Composition

Manual Walnut Peeler

Groundnut Digger

Natural Non Stick Earthen Utensil

Windmill, Modified Stove

Soil Scrapper And Loader

Blue Green Micro Algae Spirulina Based Products

Plant Based Micro Nutritiona Functional Food Production

Eco Right Eco Friendly Bags

Black Peeper Plucking Tool

Remote Control For Lights And Fans

Arohana Ecosocial Producing Biodegradable Products.

Low Cost Windmill

The Cycl O Cleaner

Zun Roof Renewable Source Of Electricity

Tender Coconut Breaker And Instant Cooler

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