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Concept Of β Breaker Dipeptides And Its Application In Alzheimer’s Amyloid Disruption

12) Health/Medical Technology Maharashtra

Fabrication Of Organic Thin Film Transistor Using Single Drop Of Organic Or Hybrid Insulator, Conductor And Semiconductor Materials

7) Material Science Karnataka

Paper Pencil Based Self Pumping And Self Breathing Fuel Cell

4) Energy Management Jammu &Kashmir

Amsler Grid Test Android App

12) Health/Medical Technology Karnataka

3 D Model Generation From 2 D X Ray Images

12) Health/Medical Technology Maharashtra

Laser Technology Detects Hidden Materials: Applications To Security And Medicine

7) Material Science Karnataka

Automated Optofluidic Microscope For Cellular Diagnostic Testing

12) Health/Medical Technology Karnataka

Pedal Assist And Mid Drive Electric Bicycle With Regenerative Braking

5)Transport Karnataka

A Novel Method To Synthesize Ordered Porous Carbon Using Waste Material

3) Waste Management Telangana

Patient Doctor Metadata Communication

12) Health/Medical Technology Jharkhand

Bioelectricity Generation From Yeast Mediator Mfc Technology

15) Non-farm Maharashtra

Smart Pill Box

12) Health/Medical Technology West Bengal

Gamified Shopping

11) Assistive Technology Pondicherry


5) Transport Pondicherry

Experimental Investigation Of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (Egr) Effect Of Rapeseed Oil Methyl Ester Blended With N Butanol Powered By Variable Compression Ratio (Vcr) Diesel Engine

5) Transport Maharashtra

Technology Of Breakfast Smoothies Using Dairy And Plant Sources

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest Rajasthan

Qr Train Ticket

11) Assistive Technology Pondicherry

A Method And A Device For Reclaiming Green Waste Foundry Sand

(1) Agriculture and Farm Machinery Maharashtra

Design Of Low Cost Infrared Vein Detector

12) Health/Medical Technology Karnataka

Development And Experimental Analysis Of A Kalina Power Generation Cycle For Low Temperature Applications Generating 100 Watt Power

4) Energy Management Tamil Nadu

Upcycling Of Waste Plastics For The Mass Production Of Carbon Nano Materials Along With The Production Of Value Added Fuels: A Novel Approach For The Rejuvenation And Conservation Of Ecology In India

3) Waste Management Uttarakhand

Exploring Graphene Nanofillers In Polyvinylidene Fluoride (Pvdf) Matrix As Flexible 2 D Materials For Electronic Applications

17) Other Tamil Nadu

Generating Electricity From Living Plants Plant E Energy

4) Energy Management Tamil Nadu

Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Motorized Vehicles

4) Energy Management Tamil Nadu

Bionicli Turning Disability Into Superpowers With Affordable Bionic Prosthetic Hand For Children With Transradial Amputation

12) Health/Medical Technology Uttar Pradesh

Life Saving Smart Mask For Sewage Cleaners 

3) Waste Management Pondicherry

Design And Fabrication Of Solid Fertilizer Spreader

(1) Agriculture and Farm Machinery Tamil Nadu

Use Of Excavation Soil As Fine Aggregate In Construction Industry

(1) Agriculture and Farm Machinery Tamil Nadu

Fabrication Model Of Bottle Crusher In Railway Station

3) Waste Management Tamil Nadu

Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps

4) Energy Management Gujarat

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