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Poly Bag Filling Device

Assistive Technology Kerala

Rigas Engine

Energy Management Kerala

Hybrid Refrigeration System

Assistive Technology Kerala

Machine For Coconut Plucking And Insecticide Spraying On Coconut Tree Without Human Climbing On Tree

Livelihoods Kerala

Remote Controlled Coconut Harvesting Machine

Livelihoods Kerala

Machine For Plucking Arecanuts And Spraying Insecticides Without Human Climbing On Tree (Wonder Climber)

Livelihoods Kerala

Mechanized Waste Collector

Circular Economy Kerala

Cut Co

Livelihoods Kerala

Self Watering Pot

Assistive Technology Kerala

Oil Stove

Energy Management Kerala

I Socket: An Advanced Low Cost Power Saving Socket

Energy Management Kerala

Vidyuth Mithra: A Multipurpose Solar Powered Protection Device From Electrocution

Energy Management Kerala

Papaya Plucker

Assistive Technology Kerala

Battery Charging Shoes

Energy Management Jharkhand

Coconut Breaking And Water Collecting Device

Assistive Technology Karnataka

Searching A Cellotape End; Modified Cellotape For Repair Of Damaged Punched Holes In Filed Paper And Various Ideas Of Day To Day Utilities

Assistive Technology Karnataka

Electronic Circuit To Prevent Burning Of Electric Pump

Assistive Technology Maharashtra

Bicycle With Rider Induced And Terrain Induced Forces For Transmission System

Misc Assam

Microwindmill Driven Battery Charger

Cotton Stripper Machine

Livelihoods Gujarat

Palm And Coconut Leaf Mat Weaving Machine

Livelihoods TamilNadu

Machine For Threshing Coconut Husk For Coir Industry

Livelihoods Kerala

Modified Hydro Electricity Turbine

Energy Management Karnataka

Wise Platform Ticket Machine, Automatic Air Pump For Bicycles And Thirty Other Innovations.

Assistive Technology Rajasthan

Sculptures Made From The Secretion Of Termites

Seed Scatterer

Livelihoods Madhya Pradesh

Post Box Alarm

Assistive Technology Andhra Pradesh

Energy Generating Shoes

Ground Nut Separator

Livelihoods Rajasthan

Raisin Grading Machine

Livelihoods Maharashtra

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