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Marketing Automation

11) Assistive Technology Uttar Pradesh

User Centered Brass Metal Polishing Tool : An Ergonomic Approach For Improving The Health And Safety Of Workers

11) Assistive Technology Assam

Real Time Gps And Gsm Based Automatic Ambulance Rescue System With Io T 

12) Health/Medical Technology Tamil Nadu

Developing Pigmented Varieties Of Cotton Using Transgenic Technology 

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest Telangana

Development Of Biodegradable Hybrid Nanocomposites For Active Food Packaging Applications

3) Waste Management Assam

Bed Sore Prevention

11) Assistive Technology Maharashtra

G Filter

3) Waste Management Rajasthan

Pepper Harvester And Processing Unit

) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest Pondicherry

Rash Driving And Accident Alert System

5) Transport Maharashtra

Extra Ordinary Wind Plus Solar Car

10. Natural Resource Management Maharashtra

Development Of Hybrid Bioleaching Technique For Recovery Of Metals From Electronic Waste

3) Waste Management Bihar

Quick And Efficient Crude Oil Recovery Using Smart Nanosheets

7) Material Science Assam

Use Of Modified Rice Straw Biochar For Nutrient Uptake And Further For Agricultural Field Application

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest Uttar Pradesh


7) Material Science Bihar

How To Reduce Air Pollution

3) Waste Management Haryana

Melanin Based Biopanel (Mbp) – A Sustainable Technology For Energy Generation.

Natural Resource Management Kerala

Robust Hand Vein Detection System Using Infrared Led

Assistive Technology Assam

Catalytic Degradation Of Methylene Blue Dye By Using Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles

Natural Resource Management Uttar Pradesh

Cabinet Dryer For Ginger And Turmeric

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest

Coconut Dehusking Machine

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest

Technology For Extraction Of Banana Fibre

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest

Hand Pump Attachable Iron Removal Plant For Community Water Supply

16) Household utility

Utilization Of Municipal Solid Waste (Msw) In Road Embankment

3) Waste Management

Low Cost Filter For Disinfecting Water For Domestic Use.

16) Household utility

Demestic Iron Removal Filter

16) Household utility

Acoustic Milk Analyser

13) Industrial Machines

Vermi Compost Production

1) Agriculture and Farm Machinery

Biogas Plant Operated On Deoiled Cake Of Jatropha Seeds

3) Waste Management

Technology For Production Of Handmade Paper

3) Waste Management

Solar Power Tree

4) Energy Management

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