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Modified Knapsack Sprayer

Krimanshi Technologies Recycling Surplus And Food Waste

Foundation For Environmental Monitoring

Flip Robotics Cleaning Robots

Enzymatic Production Of High Pure Xylooligosaccharides As A Bifidogenic Nutraceutical From Bagasse

Revy Environmental Solutions

Oxra Grid Power Grid

Ajitgarh Selection

: Improved Thresher

Imparting Disease Resistance Through Grafting

Kit For Moped

Cotton Cultivation In Water Stress Condition

Water Level Indicator

Control Of Heliothis In Lady’s Finger

Ground Nut Pod Separator/ Wool Ginning Machine

Energy Conservation In Agricultural Pump Sets

Thermocol Kattumaran

Tamarind Cultivation Under Dryland Condition, Water Harvesting Techniques,. Energy Saving Irrigation Techniques, Tamarind Harvestor, Tamarind Slicer,. Seed Cum Fertiliser Drill, Plough Blade With No,Whetting Problem, Lifting Cart, Deep Plough , Water Boiler

Mukkadaka’ Decoction To Control Hoppers In Paddy

Edible Perennial Brinjal Variety

Temper Proof Locking Device

Vardaan: Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Health/Medical Technology Kanpur

Image, Speech Recognition And Speech Synthesis For Physically Disabled

Assistive Technology Punjab

Multi Desire Wheelchair

Assistive Technology Gujarat

Jeevan Dhara – Handpump With Integrated Filtering System

: Assistive Technology West Bengal

Lpg Based Refrigerator

Assistive Technology Gujarat

Incense Stick Maker

Industrial Machines • Gandhinagar

Domestic Refrigerator With Water Heater

Energy Management Gujarat

Automobile Air Conditioning Using Engine Exhaust Heat

Energy Management Maharashtra

Smart Grid Forecasting Technique

Energy Management Maharashtra

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