Technological Practices (691 to 720 of 857)

Developing A Novel Adsorbent From Carrot, Tomato And Polyethylene Terephthalate Waste As A Potential Adsorbent For Co (Ii) From Aqueous Solution

12) Health/Medical Technology Assam

Econplast Technology

e) Non-Biodegradable Maharashtra

Thermocouple And Piezoelectric In Road Power Generation

4) Energy Management Pondicherry

Automatic Land Irrigation Based On Various Factors

(1) Agriculture and Farm Machinery Pondicherry

Solar Water Purification

16) Household U utility Pondicherry

Development Of Controlled Release Mosquito Repellent Patch

12) Health/Medical Technology Assam

Simplest Way To Energy Conversion And Storage Application By Cost Effective Spray Coating Technique On Large Area Of Variable Substrates

4) Energy Management Karnataka

Dish Washer

11) Assistive Technology Madhya Pradesh

Innovation Of Truck

5) Transport West Bengal

Smart Lpg Device

11) Assistive Technology Pondicherry

Smart Bin From Waste Collection, Seggregation To Energy .

3) Waste Management Karnataka

Treatment Of Laundry Wastewater By Advanced Oxidation Process 

3) Waste Management West Bengal

Smart Bins

3) Waste Management Haryana

Design And Development Of Compact And Highly Isolated Antenna For Wireless Application Using Multiple Input Multiple Output Techniques

11) Assistive Technology Madhya Pradesh

Smart Health Assist For Elder People Using Io T

12) Health/Medical Technology Tamil Nadu

Ocean Scrubbing .

3) Waste Management Bihar

Design And Fabrication Of Attachable Electric Drive Unit In Wheelchair 

12) Health/Medical Technology Tamil Nadu

Plant Promoting Enzyme From Kitchen Waste.

3) Waste Management Bihar

Neer Chakra

11) Assistive Technology Maharashtra


6) Safety & Material Handling Bihar

A Data Science Approach To Control Tax Evasion In Commercial Taxation System

11) Assistive Technology Telangana

Mustard Seed Processor (Msp) Machine 

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest Pondicherry

Smart Home : Boon For Physically Challenged People

12) Health/Medical Technology Uttar Pradesh

Marketing Automation

11) Assistive Technology Uttar Pradesh

User Centered Brass Metal Polishing Tool : An Ergonomic Approach For Improving The Health And Safety Of Workers

11) Assistive Technology Assam

Real Time Gps And Gsm Based Automatic Ambulance Rescue System With Io T 

12) Health/Medical Technology Tamil Nadu

Developing Pigmented Varieties Of Cotton Using Transgenic Technology 

2) Agri. and Food Processing / Post Harvest Telangana

Development Of Biodegradable Hybrid Nanocomposites For Active Food Packaging Applications

3) Waste Management Assam

Bed Sore Prevention

11) Assistive Technology Maharashtra

G Filter

3) Waste Management Rajasthan