Technological Practices (811 to 840 of 857)

Tea Making Machine

Assistive Technology Haryana

Septic Tank Baffle System

Misc Kerala

Seed Broadcaster And Water Management For Tree Plantation

Livelihoods Gujarat

Trench Digging Machine

Novel Wood Screw

Improved Rice Mills

Livelihoods Assam

Patan Silk

Livelihoods Gujarat

Washing Cum Exercise Machine

Misc Kerala

Modified Stick For Blind

Assistive Technology Karnataka

Innovative Technique To Transmit Music Through Electrical Wires In Buildings

Misc Assam

Fuel Efficient Hybrid Stove Based On Kerosene And Water

Mosquito Repellent

Assistive Technology Assam


Hydro Turbine

Misc Assam

Dual Purpose Rice Huller

Livelihoods TamilNadu

Milking Machine

Livelihoods Karnataka

Cycle Operated Pump

Motek India Treadle Press

Dual Security Alarm

Misc Assam

Telephone Operated Remote Switch

Misc Haryana

Conversion Of Plain Power Loom Into Continuos Weft Feeding Power Loom

Sugarcane Trash Grinder, Power Tiller And Tractor Operated Stubble Shaver

Circular Economy TamilNadu

Paddy Thresher

Misc Gujarat

Automatic Sari Border Insertion Technique In Handlooms

Livelihoods TamilNadu

Retrofitted Kit For Physically Challenged

Livelihoods Rajasthan

Retrofitted Car For Physically Challenged

Livelihoods Kerala

New White Flowered Cardamom Variety

Livelihoods Kerala

New Cardamom Variety "Pns Vaigal"

Livelihoods TamilNadu

Five Wheeled Car

Low Cost Electronic Speed Breaker

Misc Kerala